Here you will find Sample Packs to use in your next Composition. From weird FXs to Leads,Pads and Nature Noises, there is something for everybody. I used mainly Field Recordings, Modular Synthesizers and VST Instruments for the Samples.


Preset Banks from my favourite VST Synthesizers


Some FREE stuff to get you started or inspired.

Random Selections by Braincell

Braincell aka Ralph K. Freund crafted again some special recordings for your next composition. «Random Selections» is a Sample Pack, which was made by using Hardware Synths like Eurorack, Virus Ti, Bastl Softpop edited in the digital world with effects. All audio files are named with bpm and key. The Loops and One-shot Samples are made for all kinds of Electronic Music with a range between 110 - 143bpm.
Also included in the Package are Ableton Drum Racks and Bitwig Drum Machines for instant playing of the One-Shot Samples (glitchy, noisy bleep grooves Galore!).
And last but not least there is also a Sylenth Preset Bank, which comes with Bass-, FX-, Lead-, Arp-, Pad- and Chord Sounds, varying from different electronic Genres. Have fun and enjoy.

Package content:
• 37 Loops from analogue sources like Eurorack 
• 28 Drum Loops
• 17 Long Effect Sounds
• 64 Modular Bleep Sounds
• 91 Modular Drum Snippets
• 9 Ableton Drumracks
• 6 Bitwig Drum Machines
• 101 Presets for Lennar Digital Sylenth

All Samples are produced in 24bit, 44khz

Please note:
• Bitwig Studio 2.4.3 is required to use the Drum Machines
• You will need Ableton Live 10 to open the Drumracks

Braincell Psy Sample Pack

Ralph K. is very well known in the Psy Trance scene since over 2 decades and performing under many different projects like Braincell, Rastaliens, Solar Spectrum, Unknown Reality, Melting Point, Driftsetters - this guy knows how to get the dancefloor cooking.

NoizeBusters presents the first «Braincell Psy Trance Sample Pack» which includes recordings from Ralphs studio, collected over the years and ready to use for your next track.

Package content:
• Braincell Treasures: 75 Loops taken from older recordings & Braincell tracks
• 4 Construction Kits with Bass-, Kick-, Percussion-, Lead- & FX-Loops (43 Loops in total)
• 20 Effected Loops
• 22 FX Loops
• 20 Groovy Loops
• 25 Percussion Loops
• 80 FX One-Shots
• 30 Percussion One-Shots
• 35 Hihats
• 36 Kicks
• 25 Snares

plus some Bonus Midi Files!

all Files in 24bit 44.1kHz / Loops in 138 - 145 Bpm / total File Size 829MB

Modular FX

Little Sample Pack with 20 FX Sounds from my Modular.

Modules used for this Package: Mutable Instruments Braids, Ripples, Make Noise Maths, Wogglebug

Abstract Sample Pack

Twisted Loops for your production, get on the more abstract side of Sound Design.
A lot of Effects used for creating this Loops and One Shot Samples.
The main goal here was to create some Audioloops, which can be used as an inspiration tool. Take the whole loop or just use small pieces of it to create your own unique sound. Useable in most electronic music, but i guess it would be better to say, its for any music you like to do and for those searching for a bit of weird stuff.

• 80+ Loops and One Shots in categories like
• Effected Loops
• Groovy Loops
• Weird FX Loops
• One Shot FXs

all Samples recorded in 24bit & 44kHz
Bpm Range 135 & 145

• 100 Presets made for Psychedelic Trance and Sub Genres
• crafted by BRAINCELL produced by NoizeBusters
• Macro Controls ready mapped for instant creativity

The idea behind the bank is to give people a good starting point for their sounds. There are some modulations going but it's not overloaded and should be easy to learn how the sounds were created and leave enough space for further exploration.

For audio demo visit

Presets for u-he Zebra

50 Presets for u-he Zebra
1 Init Preset for creating your one Patches

Presets for u-he Hive

52 Presets for u-he Hive
made for all kinds of electronic music

Presets for u-he Diva

50 Presets for u-he Diva
made for all kinds of electronic music

Presets for u-he Bazille

54 Presets for u-he Bazille
made for all kinds of electronic music

Free Effect Chain for Bitwig

Its made for instant mangling of your Audiofiles, Instruments or even whole Tracks.
I use the Effect Chain for my livesets for some fun on the Master Channel, for example in Breaks/Build ups or to tweak some synths straight away.
The Effects are mapped to Macros for instant access with your Midi Controller.

After downloading, unzip and move the files to the preset library:

Mac OSX: ~/Documents/Bitwig Studio/Library/Presets/FXLayer/

Windows: C:\Users\**username**\Documents\Bitwig Studio\Library\Presets\FXLayer\

In the Browser or Pop-up Browser, go to the Presets tab and type „noizebusters“ (the creator name) or „liveset“ in the search field to find it.

Presets for Polysynth

Some Presets i made for Bitwig Studios Polysynth